Sports Recovery

Sports Recovery Questions and Answers

REPAIR Sports Institute provides sports recovery at our clinic in Huntington Beach, CA. Our doctors and medical staff are ready to help you feel better! For more information, please call us or request an appointment online.

Sports Recovery Near Me in Huntington Beach, CA
Sports Recovery Near Me in Huntington Beach, CA

Sports are high-intensity activities that push the body’s physical abilities to its limits. They are also a great way to build communicational skills and are a great form of exercise. Due to the high-contact nature of many sports, injuries are a part of the game. Most of the time, injuries are minor and heal with mild treatments. However, sometimes a collision, twist or impact can cause severe damage that requires interventional methods to aid in the recovery process. Physical therapy physicians specialize in treating sports-related injuries and can help even the most severe injuries make an astonishing recovery.

What is the benefit of a sports recovery program?

Sports recovery programs have several benefits, including, but not limited to:

Reduced Joint Pain, Swelling and Inflammation — Sports recovery programs focus on addressing physical symptoms such as pain, inflammation and swelling. By addressing these concerns, athletes and physically active individuals can live a better quality of life and return to their normal activities sooner.

Quicker Sport Recovery — By recovering quicker, less time is spent on the sidelines. This is important, regardless of the sport, as quicker recovery times minimize the risk of future complications.

Faster Healing and Rehabilitation — When injured, rest is only recommended for a short amount of time. This is because it is essential to remobilize the injured area in order to ensure it heals properly. Proper healing leads to a normal restoration of function.

Increased Blood Circulation — Improving blood flow and circulation enables the body to receive the necessary nutrients it needs to heal, such as oxygen.

Improve Performance Training Results — A proper and full recovery from a sports injury is essential to achieving good performance training results, as injuries that are not completely healed hinder physical capabilities.

Better Quality of Life — It is easy to see how a sports recovery program can improve quality of life. Reducing painful symptoms, improving mobility and enabling full range of motion are essential to living a fulfilling life.

What are the three steps that REPAIR Sports Institute implements?

Rejuvenate Deep Muscle Stimulator — For faster muscle recovery and tissue regeneration, we use a handheld device to loosen up muscle adhesions and reduce soreness.

Restore Muscle Stretching — To reduce muscle tension and maximize mobility, our recovery specialists will guide and assist the body through a system of passive stretches.

Flush Compression Therapy — We use Normatec oscillating sleeves that massage the limbs to increase lymphatic flow. This mobilizes and releases fluid of the extremity following surgery, injury, or post-workout recovery.

Are there other services that you use for sports recovery?

Class IV Laser Therapy — Class IV laser therapy uses high powered laser lights to improve tissue restoration and reduce pain and inflammation wherever the beam is applied.

Vibration Therapy — At REPAIR Sports Institute, we use Vyper and Hypersphere by Hyperice, a cutting-edge fitness and recovery roller ball that uses pressure and vibration to improve the body’s overall performance. It is excellent for self-massages, warming up, and working on tight muscles that prevent full range of motion and proper movement.

Cupping — An alternative healing process, cupping lifts and creates space in the tissues to facilitate blood flow and decrease stiffness and tight muscles. At REPAIR Sports Institute, we use a static cupping technique on our patients. This means that neither the cups nor the patient move during the treatment. It can be used to help reduce pain and inflammation and to promote blood flow, relaxation and well-being.

What is the price of the sports recovery program?

The sports recovery program at REPAIR Sports Institute has 3-step pricing options: Rejuvenate + Restore + Compression. We offer a free session for new clients. Pricing varies per patient and will be discussed at the initial consultation. All of our prices reflect the services provided for each individual and vary depending on what is included in their treatment plan.

If you are actively involved in sports or other physical activities, it is important to stay in top shape. REPAIR Sports Institute specializes in sports recovery, so your injury will not keep you out of the action. Call us today at (714) 377-4314 to book an appointment , or visit our clinic conveniently located at 7146 Edinger Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92647 . We serve patients from Huntington Beach CA, Seal Beach CA, Newport Beach CA, Costa Mesa CA, Westminster CA, Garden Grove CA, Fountain Valley CA, Long Beach CA, Irvine CA, Santa Ana CA and Anaheim, CA. Looking forward to serve you!