8 Types of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

8 Types of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in Huntington Beach CA

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8 Types of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Near Me in Huntington Beach, CA
8 Types of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Near Me in Huntington Beach, CA

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What are the 8 types of physical medicine and rehabilitation?

Physical medicine and rehabilitation is the study and practice of the human body and physical behavior, with an emphasis on the restoration, maintenance, and promotion of health and well-being. The field of physical medicine and rehabilitation is concerned with the diagnosis and classification of disease and injury, as well as their prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. This includes the diagnosis and treatment of disease, the rehabilitation of patients, and the prevention of disease and injury.

What are the 8 types of physical medicine and rehabilitation?

The 8 types of physical medicine and rehabilitation are:

Bone Health — Bone health, which is the specialty of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of bone-related disease and injury, is one of the most popular branches of physical medicine. There are many causes of bone health issues, one of the most prevalent is an improperly healed fracture. In certain situations, such as with smaller hairline fractures, there is a chance that any damage to the bone will go undetected. This can lead to severe damage because when bones are fractured, they almost always need to be reset (realigned) and have their movement prevented with a cast.

Joint Health — Another popular subfield of physical medicine is joint health, which has a special focus on the treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of arthritic conditions. They also provide care for joint issues that result from an injury or long-term wear and can help improve mobility and lessen the pain patients experience using a number of different modalities.

Nerve Injuries — While nerve injuries may also be caused by neurological conditions, they are most commonly caused by physical trauma. The nervous system is extremely intricate and complex; recovery and rehabilitation from nerve injuries are often challenging. The approach used in physical therapy for nerve injuries is often multifaceted, requiring months of strengthening and restorative exercises to restore optimal function.

Pain Therapy — Pain is an incredibly complex condition that is experienced by everyone differently, making it one of the more challenging to diagnose. Pain therapy opens new doors of recovery to patients with various pain disorders and injuries that were believed to be untreatable.

Sports Injuries — Sports injuries are often what first comes to mind when thinking about physical therapy and its benefits. It is commonly used by professional athletes but is often underutilized by active people and recreational athletes. Many sports injuries, especially repeat ones, require special care and attention in order to ensure there is no permanent tissue damage or long-term physical limitations.

Congenital Conditions — Physical medicine and rehabilitation not only addresses medical problems that arise from injuries or illnesses but also deals with congenital problems, which are physical deformities or abnormalities that are present since birth. While many people with a congenital defect learn to live with their condition and make lifestyle modifications in order to accommodate their limitations, physical medicine and rehabilitation can provide these patients with the tools they need to greatly improve their mobility, range of motion, and physical capability.

Brain Disorders — Another common area of physical medicine and rehabilitation is brain disorders, which often occur as the result of physical injury, such as head trauma, tumors, or surgery. Physical rehabilitation and recovery are almost always possible because brain disorders have a physical cause, unlike psychological problems.

General Physical Medicine — General physical medicine refers to a broad and all-encompassing approach to rehabilitation therapy, utilizing aspects of each type to provide generalized care. Because physical medicine and rehabilitation is such a diverse area of study, general physical medicine therapists care for patients with a number of different issues to aid in their recovery process.
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