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Cupping Therapy Specialist in Huntington Beach CA

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Cupping Therapy Near Me in Huntington Beach, CA
Cupping Therapy Near Me in Huntington Beach, CA

What is cupping therapy?

Cupping therapy is a form of alternative therapy with origins in China. The process involves the placement of cups on the skin in order to create a suction effect. It is believed that the suction helps the body to heal by increasing the blood flow in the area where the cups are placed. The cups are left on the skin long enough to create a suction effect, usually a few minutes, and then removed. While each person’s reason for getting cupping therapy is unique to them, it can be used to help with inflammation, blood flow, pain, well-being and relaxation, as well as a form of deep-tissue massage. The cups used in cupping can be made of different materials such as silicone, bamboo, glass and earthenware. Cupping can be done in multiple different ways, with the ancient form using a flammable substance inside the cup that is set on fire. Once the fire extinguishes, the warm cup is placed on the skin upside down which creates a vacuum as the air cools. The skin will redden and rise inside the cup with the expansion of the body’s blood vessels. Another, more modern option, is to use a rubber pump to create the vacuum inside of the cup instead of fire.

What are the benefits of cupping?

Cupping therapy is still being studied to determine the positive effects that it can have on the body. To date it has appeared to be effective with providing relieve of muscle aches and pains that are caused by some conditions. The cups can be placed pretty much anywhere on the body, including major acupressure points, and are considered to potentially be effective for treatment of digestive issues, skin issues and other conditions that have shown positive effects from acupressure. Cupping therapy is still being looked at and studied as a means to help with conditions such as shingles, facial paralysis, acne, lumbar disc herniation, cervical spondylosis and cough and dyspnea. Some patients have found success using cupping therapy to treat blood disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, fertility issues, high blood pressure, migraines, anxiety, depression, varicose veins and bronchial congestion. Everyone will react to cupping therapy differently, so it is best to discuss your interest in cupping with your doctor and ensure that you are using a practitioner who is properly trained in cupping therapy. They will help you to understand if cupping will provide you with the results you are looking for.

Does cupping help back pain?

Cupping has been shown to be successful with helping ease back pain, with minimal risk and side effects to the patient. It can provide relief by loosening stiff muscles, unblocking pinched nerves and unbinding any myofascial adhesions. When the cup is placed on the skin, the muscles and tissues get pulled up into the cup through the vacuum that is created. The process of cupping draws the blood up to the skin’s surface, which will help tight and bound muscle tissues to relax. By having fresh blood flow into the areas that are causing pain, the healing process is kickstarted to speed healing of the treated area.

How often should I do cupping?

Cupping can be done up to three times a week but doing it too often will actually have an adverse effect on your health instead of a positive effect. One of the general rules of thumb is to ensure the bruising from your previous cupping session have faded before your next treatment, so that will be a factor in how frequently you should receive treatment. The type of condition you are getting treated for, as well as the severity of your condition, will also factor into your treatment. The appropriate and recommended frequency of your cupping sessions will depend on several different factors and is best to be discussed with the practitioner performing the treatment. Our team of professionals at Repair Sports Institute are here to discuss cupping therapy and its benefits, so reach out to us today. We are open Monday through Friday, and we also offer a wide variety of treatments to boost your wellness. We serve patients from Huntington Beach CA, Seal Beach CA, Newport Beach CA, Costa Mesa CA, Westminster CA, Garden Grove CA, Fountain Valley CA, Long Beach CA, Irvine CA, Santa Ana CA and Anaheim, CA. Looking forward to serve you!