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Arthritis Treatment Clinic in Huntington Beach CA

The common signs of arthritis involving the joints are stiffness, pain, swelling, redness, and decreased range of motion. If you are suffering from arthritis, then contact REPAIR SI, Physical Therapy in Huntington Beach, CA for treatment you can trust. We are conveniently located at 7146 Edinger Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92647. For more information, please call us or schedule an appointment online.

Arthritis Treatment Clinic Near Me in Huntington Beach CA
Arthritis Treatment Clinic Near Me in Huntington Beach CA

Table of Contents:

What are the 3 types of arthritis?
What is the main cause of arthritis?
What are the four main symptoms of arthritis?
Is there any treatment for arthritis?

The body is composed of hundreds of joints, and each one of these joints are susceptible to inflammation and gradual degradation (wear and tear). The word ‘arthritis’ comes from ancient Greek ‘arthro-‘ meaning ‘of a joint,’ and the suffix ‘-itis’ is added to name an inflammatory condition. There are several different types of arthritis, each with its own set of symptoms and prognosis. Fortunately, there are many effective treatments for arthritis that can reduce symptoms and increase range of motion.

What are the 3 types of arthritis?

The three main types of arthritis are:

Osteoarthritis (OA) — Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and typically develops in older adults after years of wear and tear on the joints. Cartilage in joints can degenerate over time. This degenerative process can be accelerated by a genetic predisposition to the disorder, being overweight, and previous injuries to the joints. The most common areas affected by osteoarthritis include the hips, knees, feet and spine. Symptoms can include reduced flexibility, stiffness, and aching joints.

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) — Rheumatoid arthritis differs greatly from osteoarthritis and is an autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system attacks healthy joints. Both environmental and genetic factors can cause rheumatoid arthritis, which may result in pain, swelling, inflammation, and loss of joint cartilage. Although all joints are subject to deterioration, the hands and wrists are most commonly affected by the disease.

Psoriatic Arthritis — Psoriatic arthritis is also considered an autoimmune disorder, just like RA. It is more likely to be passed down genetically and may present with skin symptoms in addition to joint pain. People with psoriatic arthritis experience swelling of the fingers and toes, and they may also have red, scaly patches on their skin in addition to abnormal nail growth. This form of arthritis gets its name because it is directly linked to psoriasis, an autoimmune disorder affecting the skin. Many people with this condition develop symptoms of psoriasis.

What is the main cause of arthritis?

There are many causes of arthritis, including:

• Illness or Infection
• Previous Injury
• Genetics and Family Risks
• Stress
• Lifestyle and Trigger Factors
• Fatigue
• Genetics
• Age
• Weight
• Diet
• Occupational Hazards
• Some High-Level Sports

What are the four main symptoms of arthritis?

The four main symptoms of arthritis include:

• Inflammation and swelling of the joint
• Warm sensation and redness of the skin
• Stiffness in the joint and difficulties moving
• Painful sensations when moving the joint

Is there any treatment for arthritis?

Yes, there are many treatments available for arthritis, including:

Acupuncture — This ancient Chinese medicine has been shown to relieve arthritic symptoms and can help reduce inflammation in the joints.

Physical Therapy — Physical therapy can work wonders in the recovery process, providing even the most serious disabilities with a propitious prognosis. The same is true when treating arthritis, although it may be more successful for certain types of arthritis than others.

Yoga — Another ancient practice, yoga is rooted in Indian philosophy and can help relieve tension from arthritis, as well as improve range of motion.

Dietary Changes — In many cases, dietary changes are recommended for people living with arthritis. There are certain foods some people should avoid and other foods people should consume more of in their diets which can help reduce arthritic symptoms.

Weight Loss — Losing weight can help ameliorate many health concerns, from high blood pressure to diabetes. In the case of arthritis, losing weight can help reduce pressure on the joints and improve flexibility and mobility.

Exercise — Physical exercise is one of the best ways to improve health and wellness; it can help people with arthritis reduce joint pain, increase strength and flexibility, and help combat fatigue.

REPAIR SI, Physical Therapy can help you find relief from your arthritic symptoms through proven therapies. Call us today to book an appointment for arthritis treatment, or visit our clinic conveniently located at 7146 Edinger Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92647. We serve patients from Huntington Beach CA, Fountain Valley CA, Westminster CA, Costa Mesa CA, Newport Beach CA, Midway City CA, and surrounding areas. We look forward to serving you!