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We believe in functional medicine that develops a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Our Theory

We pride ourselves on our proactive holistic approach to functional medicine. Our goal is to make sure you, as a patient, walk away with not only a healthy mind, body + spirit... but leave you with a team of professionals to keep you at the top of your active lifestyle. We've partnered with the most innovative, community driven and prolific businesses in order to address your every wellness need.

RSI Athletes

We actively work with all levels of athletes and active individuals. Now, more than ever, staying proactive with your bodies maintenance is important for longevity in life and sport. From the fields of the NFL to the office grind, our therapy is becoming a priority in the recovery process for all walks of life. 

Where Are We

REPAIR Sports Institute is located on the sunny side of Huntington Beach, California. REPAIR also has a satellite location in Newport Beach. Our practice is a new, hip, fun environment that a pro-athlete or the everyday Jack or Jill will benefit from. You will not only get top-quality care but will be treated as an entire person.


REPAIR SI Huntington Beach
16561 Bolsa Chica St. Suite107
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
Ph: 714-377-4314

REPAIR SI Newport Beach
20311 SW Birch St. Suite 150
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Ph: 949-272-1030


How We Roll

1. Cutting-Edge Functional Testing

  1. REPAIR Mastered Assessment
  2. FMS
  3. Y-Balance
  4. Digitally Captured Movement Analysis

2. High-Level Researched Methods

  1. Hands-On Therapy
  2. Joint Mobilizations
  3. Soft Tissue Release Techniques
  4. Neuro-Muscular
  5. Activation Techniques
  6. Functional Strengthening, Endurance + Conditioning
  7. Return To Sport Training
  8. Sport Maintenance

3. New Age Modalities

  1. Sports and Physical Therapy Taping
  2. TENS
  3. IFC
  4. NMES
  5. Therastim Contrast Therapy
  6. Class IV laser
  7. Vasopneumatec Compression
  8. Infrared Light
  9. Cryotherapy 


4. Prevention  + Recovery 

  1. Normatec
  2. Marc-Pro|Compex
  3. Class IV Laser
  4. Infrared Light
  5. Vibration Therapy
  6. Vyper Roll and Ball
  7. Recovery Education
  8. Sports Massage
  9. Cryotherapy

 RSI Wolfpack


Let's get you back to a healthy lifestyle. Contact us for a consultation, we'd love to hear from you!